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We Power Your Technology Solutions

At Torus Partners, our mission is to enhance the growth, profitability and valuation of professional services firms.  We believe that transforming your business to incorporate contemporary managed services provides a proven platform to increase the strategic nature of your business, resulting in increased revenues, profits and valuations.


Managed Service offerings have matured significantly over the past decade, evolving from classic outsourcing to “Strategic Out-Tasking” or “X as a Service” models.   We believe that embracing this evolution as a business imperative is critical to strategic transformations that look to support the modern agile enterprise.


Torus Partners' pragmatic approach decisively creates the Next Logical Step in advancing our clients’ business portfolios. Identifying new business lines, creating brand differentiation, crafting unique sales approaches and supporting delivery methodologies is at the foundation of the firm.


We assist professional services organizations realize strategic growth initiatives. Our unique approach: embraces your organization’s culture and vision; creates logical steps necessary to enhance your business portfolio; and executes those strategies yielding improved revenue, profit, and brand equity.

Our services span the spectrum from: the creation of new service lines based on your organization’s specific value proposition, to Marketing/Selling to existing and new customers, to effective delivery of the new services.    Our methodologies are proven, nimble, and results-focused.


At the completion of our interactions, which often includes the acquisition of new business, your enhanced organization will be equipped to repeat the end-to-end processes.


Our partners and consultants are “art of the possible” thinkers and process-oriented “doers”.  We not only render considered opinions but we also execute those plans and stand behind the predicted results. 


We have transformed “tactical” transactional firms to strategic managed services organizations generating high-value, annuity-based businesses.   We understand the technology industry having held leadership positions with regional, national and global organizations.


Our collective experience in the transformation of professional services firms provides our clients with real-world, sustaining results.   New sales and revenue are realized.  Margins are accelerated with the ability to sell and deliver “results-based” solutions to your customers.

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